We met Olivier Arnulf, mountain guide for Guide Nature Randonnee on the Mézenc (Les Estables) and we asked him 3 questions to find out why he fell in love with this Altiligerian massif.

Why am I a Mézenc lover? Haute-Loire, Ardèche at the top of Estables


Why is the Mézenc Gerbier massif so special?

Because it is a mid-mountain area, with very easily accessible peaks that offer a clear 360° view of the nature that surrounds us. And the panoramas of the Mézenc Gerbier massif are just spectacular!

Why am I a Mézenc lover? Haute-Loire, Ardeche


What is the advantage of going with a guide?

Leaving with a guide is the guarantee of discovering the territory while being well accompanied. It's also being able to think of nothing, having nothing to prepare and simply enjoying the ride with your eyes closed (well, so to speak…it would be a shame to deprive yourself of viewpoints).

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Why am I a Mézenc lover? Haute-Loire, Ardèche sunset


What is your favorite hike?

Olivier Arnulf loves night hiking to be able to share his knowledge of the starry sky, which for him is part of the natural heritage.


We realized that many people in the cities no longer know the sky, he says. They don't even know what a real starry sky is…” '


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