For several years now, whether in Tence or Chambon-sur-Lignon, a wind of creativity has been blowing on Haut-Lignon: many craftsmen have chosen to come (or return) to this plateau to express their skills. And especially women. So we wanted to meet them...

About twenty craftswomen have opened their workshops in Haut-Lignon

Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in auvergne craftsmanship shoes manufacturing haute loire

Our first stop takes us to Tence, to Maëva Abrial. This young shoe designer has brought her grandfather's old sawmill back to life by installing her machines and talent there. She imagines and draws her models by reappropriating classics ranging from derby to basketball. Clean lines, robust, comfortable and customizable shoes. From noble materials, it manufactures them with a whole battery of machines with an outdated look but with unstoppable efficiency!

Know-how heritage, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne craftsmanship

Not far from there, we meet Romy Deygas in her studio-boutique. After an artistic career enriched with experiences in jewelry that will lead her to Bratislava, the desire to design creations that come out of her imagination really becomes a need. She could not imagine settling anywhere else than in Tence where she grew up. She is renovating her great-aunt's shop, a former hair salon that also sold fishing tackle (yes, we assure you!). At Romy, everything is possible: let yourself be tempted by her creations displayed in the shop (whether they are worked in the old fashioned way or with 3D technology), imagine with her a unique piece of tailor-made jewelry or even enhance old jewelry. The colorful gold necklace that super grandma bequeathed to us then takes on a new lease of life in the form of a refined adornment.

Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne crafts pottery

Going down the alleys below Chambon-sur-Lignon, we discover the Vivaterre workshop lined with flowers and mixed pottery. The sun floods the workshop with its rays reaching the discreet ceramist Marie-Laure Demutrecy. This Norman discovered Haut-Lignon while on vacation, since then she has felt like an attraction that has constantly led her to come back. One day, she ends up putting her wheel and her potter's kiln there. Inspired by nature, she shapes by hand imprints of materials gleaned here and there: pine cones, bark and flowers.

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Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne craft workshop children


Workshops where they want to pass on their know-how

When you arrive at Elisabeth Cuffel, you see little colorful touches everywhere! This stained glass artist, master in the art of taming transparency, likes to share her passion. We attend a workshop: children as adults compose stained glass or pendant with pieces of glass.

Art in transparency, Elisabeth Cuffel

Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne Souzani crafts


Markets and designer shops

Creator of contemporary jewelry, she chose Chambon-sur-Lignon to bring together the genius of many craftsmen. The result is a farandole of little treasures that you want to observe for hours.


Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne Simon crafts


Exhibitions and art galleries

It is here, in Chambon-sur-Lignon, that Arlette and Marc Simon settled down 20 years ago: “a bit by chance” as they like to say. A unique cultural place where their latest creations intertwine, raku workshops but also a protean contemporary art space co-managed with their daughter Leïla Simon, curator and art critic

Arlette and Marc SIMON ceramic artists

Heritage know-how, in Haute-Loire, in Auvergne wandering tree crafts


L'Arbre Vagabond, a place conducive to creative encounters

It's as if the Vagabond Tree was the perfect place to end a day. Installed in the former typography workshop of the Cheyne publishing house, you can enjoy fine and inventive cuisine in the midst of thousands of books. To the sound of crickets, we sip an exceptional natural wine!

The Wandering Tree

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