Between Ardèche and Haute-Loire, through meadows and forests, the Velay Express offers to discover at the slow pace of a train of yesteryear, the Velay plateau, the Lignon gorges and the Pays de Saint-Agrève at the foot of the mythical Mont Mézenc and Gerbier de Joncs. Meet at Raucoules station for a trip unlike any other!

How about a family trip aboard the Velay Express, the highest train in France?

We hear it whistle happily as it approaches. And in the distance, wisps of steam indicate that it is almost time to board… The Velay Express, the highest train in France, arrives at Raucoules station. And with him, it's not just a train journey that awaits us... But a real leap in time of a century, aboard elegant Belle Époque wagons.

The opportunity to discover, like an old-fashioned train, the enchanting landscapes of the Velay plateau, the Lignon gorges and the Pays de Saint-Agrève. All this via the stations of Tence and Chambon-sur-Lignon. In the distance, you will even be able to see Mont Mézenc and Gerbier de Jonc.

And in practice? Nothing's easier ! You choose your departure station and your arrival station. A single obligation: arrive at the station a little ahead of the outward and return departure time.

Did you know?

The historic Velay-Express railway is operated by the association's volunteers Railways of Velay. They are the ones who manage it, carry out maintenance and restoration operations on railway vehicles and carry out routine upkeep of the railway and its surroundings.

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