Once upon a time, a monument like no other. An exceptional chapel built in 82 meters high at the top of a volcanic chimney millennium. Hard to believe, and yet… Our chapel is very real Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe and this since XNUMXth century. It even seems that she visits herself…

How can you resist the urge to discover such an architectural curiosity? From up there, the panoramic view and the beauty of the small pre-Romanesque building would almost make us forget the 268 steps that we have just climbed by the strength of the calves.

An unusual site, a unique silhouette!

Having obtained the title of 4th favorite monument of the French in 2014 and 2022, the Saint-Michel chapel is a real spectacle for the eyes. Enlarged in the XNUMXth century, the oratory now perfectly hugs the summit of Saint-Michel rock. An extension with a nave, an ambulatory, a gallery and a superb trilobed polychrome facade with Moorish influences.

And the historical and unusual surprises continue inside the monument with the exhibition of the treasure discovered in 1955 under the altar, and the magnificent frescoes eras painted on the walls and ceilings of the chapel that restorations have recently revealed.

A virtual visit and audioguides for the most total immersion

And those who cannot climb to the top, be reassured... In the digital age, everything becomes possible, since the site of the Rock Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe offers a unique experience: a virtual visit of the chapel. Immersion guaranteed!

In addition to making the site accessible to people with disabilities, the scenography thus allows a detailed and in-depth reading of the work by setting up a virtual visit of the Saint-Michel Chapel. On a screen of 8 meters by 4, the 360° projected images offer another form of visit. This interactive and immersive equipment unique in Haute-Loire allows you to move virtually outside and inside the Chapel.

And above all not to miss any of the treasures of the Rocher Saint-Michel, there are the audio guides ! They are full of stories, anecdotes and secrets…

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