The city of Brioude, Altiligerian sub-prefecture, is endowed with a most fascinating architectural and cultural heritage! Between its basilica, a jewel of Romanesque architecture, its history and its air of Provence, you cannot pass through Haute-Loire without stopping off near the beautiful city of Saint-Julien.

One of the curiosities to discover is its Romanesque basilica of Saint-Julien from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, built on the tomb of the eponymous martyr. She is considered one of the jewels of the Romanesque churches of Auvergne ! The largest in the region! The Saint-Julien basilica is also home to many treasures: remains of wall paintings, a beautiful facing of polychrome stones and contemporary stained glass windows of Father Kim En Joong.

Le Brivadois was a former stronghold of vine growing, more precisely Old Brioude which still retains today a legacy of this past through, in particular, its Vine and Wine Museum.

Brioude is a place of pilgrimage, especially for the Way of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, because located on the axis Clermont Ferrand / Cahors. Its environment offers a wide variety of landscapes, in particular those of Limagne and Allier, which are as many playgrounds for outdoor sports.

Espace Notre-Dame – CIAP Gregory Square in Tours
43100 Brioude
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