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Espace Trail Auzon

Auzon Communauté offers 5 trail circuits ranging from beginners to advanced. It is through green forests, valleys and along many streams that you will discover our natural and varied wealth.
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Two new features are available, retro-reflective night lighting, and a vertical training circuit.
Circuit 1 (5.9 km Dev+256m): First short distance discovery circuit along the Cé and its ferruginous source.
Circuit 2 (9.5 km Dev+401m): Passing through the town of Vézezoux, this more intense route combines urban (tarmac) and wild nature.
Circuit 3 (14.3 km Dev+640m): This markup takes you to the village of Escolge via the Boussac orientation table, crossing the Auzon stream and the Laurent wood. Course with retro-reflective markings allowing it to be practiced at night.
Circuit 4 (18.9 km Dev+624m): The most difficult circuit takes you to the towns of Azerat and Saint Hilaire where you can enjoy a magnificent view. Reserved for confirmed.
Circuit 5 (2.5 km Dev+224m): NEW, this circuit is reserved for “intensive” training. Indeed, after a short flat section, he offers you to climb 200 meters of elevation gain in one go. To properly monitor your progress, milestones every 20 meters of elevation gain are set up. This is a round trip.
Pedestrian sportsTrail route
Duration00hMax Altitude400m
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