Séjour pêche en canoë dans les Gorges de l'Allier


What fisherman doesn't dream of pursuing his passion in an unexplored area, untouched by any other fisherman in the wild gorges of the Allier?
For this, Steeve Colin has teamed up with Tonic Aventure in a unique canoe fishing trip, where the boat allows access to almost secret places... Embark on this trip where fishing and adventure become one. !

There are 2 stays available on 2 different sites depending on the season:

The first, a fishing trip with bivouac over two days between Chapeauroux and Pont d'Alleyras, open in season from March to November.

In the program ? An 18 km circuit for a fly fishing and natural bait stay over 2 days in an ultra wild and ultra preserved area which can only be accessed by canoe, with the strength of the arms and its paddles, between Le Nouveau Monde and Pont of Alleyras.

The second, a fishing trip with accommodation in an inn, between Saint-Arcons-d'Allier and Chilhac, open out of season in October.

In the program ? A 14 km circuit for a fishing trip in a sector going from Saint-Arcons-d'Allier to Langeac on the first day. With accommodation at the Hôtel de l’Île d’Amour in the evening.
Then the next day, the participants will take their boat again to go fishing and paddle in a sector going from Chambon to Cerzat to Chilhac (village in the Allier gorges labeled Petite Cité de Caractère). Enough to combine passion, sport and culture, fishing in villages where the heritage is as preserved as the nature that surrounds it.


430 €-

430 €-
430 €-
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2 days / 1 night
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