Associated body of the Department of Haute-Loire, the Departmental Mission for Tourism Development (MDDT) aims to contribute to the development and dynamism of the department's tourism policy.

A new departmental plan for 2023-2027

The proposed new scheme is a structuring tool which aims to consolidate the actions of the previous scheme and to identify new strategic tourist objectives for our territory and to implement them operationally.
For this, the ATEMIA firm carried out updating work during the spring and summer of 2022.
He met the various tourism stakeholders (elected officials and socio-professionals) on all the territories of the department, in order to carry out the evaluation of the last scheme as part of a tourist diagnosis and an analysis of the context.
touristic macro.
These meetings made it possible to share proposals for strategic and marketing guidelines for the coming years. These proposals have thus been debated with the tourist actors and the Territories during an enlarged Destination Council.

The updated plan for 2023-2027 proposes the creation of
4 new strategic axes with a cross-cutting challenge

Contact the Departmental Mission for Tourism Development of Haute-Loire

Department Hotel
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Tel. : 04 71 07 41 65

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