Awaken forgotten senses, feel the legs sink into the earth to set off on the hiking trails, get on a bike and feel the caress of freedom on the cheek, glide on the water... Haute-Loire as a promise: any activity gives us the unique sensation of being alive.

What if we took the time to reconnect with nature?'

Unforgettable hikes and walks in Haute-Loire

If the mythical paths to Santiago de Compostela and Stevenson contribute to the reputation of the Haute-Loire, there are also more intimate routes along the water or in the heart of gentle mountains which also invite you to become curious again about the mysteries of an astonishing nature.

Cycling and mountain biking galore

As if we had wings, we put on the kilometers by bike or mountain bike to see the country while remaining free and connected with what surrounds us. On the way or on the road, for addicts or the most dilettante, there is something for everyone because they are not the routes which are missing in Haute-Loire!


Cycling on the greenway near Verne in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Sometimes it's not the elevation that counts but the moments shared. And no stress can spoil the party since the greenways are completely secure. And that's quite normal since these greenways follow old railway lines.

Everyone in the water!

Well, we don't promise you a sunset on the horizon like at the sea. But we assure you that you will have all the joy of frolicking in the water and making sand pies. Without the salt, without the jellyfish, and without the outrageously priced ice cream. The Haute-Loire is an Eden full of flowing rivers, where you want to take a dip, and embark on a canoe to explore the Gorges of the Loire or the Allier.

Swimming at the edge of the Loire Gorges, Auvergne

Respirando, the Altiliger label for outdoor activities

happy as a fisherman

 Rather fishing in lakes or rivers?

3 km of rivers classified in 300st category! Not of a Fario, we can be proud of this fish heritage and remarkable fishing!

Man fishing in a lake in Haute-Loire

Sensational activities

There is a plethora of activities in Haute-Loire to tickle our adrenaline and play with our willies.

A land of water and volcanoes

Water, earth and fire have shaped the landscapes of Haute-Loire. Volcanism is its DNA. A jagged and explosive relief emerges, dotted with juices, peat bogs or lava flows. With over 300 volcanoes of atypical shapes, here we feel the power and strength of the elements, ready to awaken all our senses.

Suc d'Yssingeaux via ferrata of Juscles in Haute-Loire

Water, a source of freshness conducive to rejuvenation, to a return to basics. Gorges encased in granite or basaltic plateaus meander The Loire, the longest river in France and theMix, both still wild rivers which are born at the gates of the Haute-Loire.

ChapelleChazes on the banks of the Loire in Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Walking, trotting, galloping, horse riding in Haute-Loire lives to the rhythm of these three gaits.

The Tourist Trains

People getting ready to board the Velay Express in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

What better way than to explore the most inaccessible lands? The tourist trains interfere in the deepest gorges such as the Gorges de l'Allier or reactivate steam mechanics such as the Velay Express to cross the high plateaus of Lignon.

To each his own golf

In Haute-Loire, you will explore the joy of being on an ideal playground for playing golf. Wide open spaces, at an altitude of 1, to send the ball into 000-hole golf courses or try unique approaches in France with putting golf or pitch and putt.

Golf Chambon-sur-Lignon Haute-Loire Auvergne near Puy-en-Velay

In Haute-Loire, we ski and slide on the Mézenc…

Long remained a secret, we finally reveal the essential gliding spot in Auvergne: Estables ! A small downhill ski resort, it looks like a big one with its authentic village, and offers the advantage of tasting a multitude of Nordic activities.

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