Climb to gain height and enjoy breathtaking panoramas

More than 10 natural sites await challenge lovers to gain height. Haute-Loire indeed offers sites, both wild and secure, for the practice of climbing. All of them reveal an exceptional natural diversity, breathtaking landscapes, and in particular, multiple types of rock: granite, basalt, gneiss or even phonolite which literally means "singing stone". Poetic, isn't it?

An intermediate activity between hiking and climbing

For those who are put off by climbing, with all its ropes, knots and belay sessions, the Haute-Loire also has two beautiful via ferrata. An intermediate activity between hiking and climbing particularly suitable for those who have no particular knowledge of climbing. Himalayan net, footbridge, beam… the obstacles and aerial exercises follow one another as you move along the mountainside. The icing on the cake, we always reach magnificent viewpoints: on the hutches of theSow for Via Ferrata of the Juscles (at the Pertuis) or on the Gorges of the Allier for that of Rocks of the Miramande (in Saint-Jean-Lachalm).

Our Haute-Loire guides

Whether for climbing or via ferrata, it is advisable to start with one of the Haute-Loire guides. State graduates, they introduce you to the practice of these adventure activities which lead you to discover the most beautiful spots in Auvergne.

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