Respirando is the label that promotes the quality of outdoor activities in Haute-Loire. A pioneer in this area, the department offers “100% wilderness areas” which abound in outdoor activities. Mountain biking, water sports, hiking, trail running, fishing, horse riding, or climbing...

Respirando Areas and Stations?

Respirando Areas and Stations are real spaces determined on the scale of a municipality (the Areas) or a community of municipalities (the Stations), particularly well organized and adapted for the practice of outdoor activities with a range of important and diversified services , all in one environmental approach very accomplished. In Haute Loire, these areas and stations are 8 in number.

3 Breathing Areas

Aires Respirando are recreational areas set around a lake or stream, ideal for day trips or weekend trips around outdoor activities.

In addition to playgrounds, picnic tables, beaches and supervised bathing areas, these various spaces are run by professionals (restaurants, accommodation, activity providers) who have chosen quality, warm welcome and an offer that respects the environment. In Haute-Loire, there are three of them:

5 Breathing Stations

Bringing together several municipalities, the Respirando Stations are ideal for enjoying nature activities during stays in Haute-Loire. And when it comes to playing outside, there's no shortage of ideas!

Mountain biking, trail running, hiking, canoeing, stand up paddle, but also fishing, golf, climbing, tree climbing... Haute-Loire is a territory that wants to be 100% surrounded by nature! 5 territories have also succeeded in winning the precious Station Respirando label:

  • Respirando station of the Mezenc, Loire, Meygal : 4 seasons of activities, "Back to basics guaranteed"
  • Respirando station of the Haut Lignon : 1 m altitude, "Specialty for hosting sports clubs"
  • Respirando station of Gorges of the Allier Margeride : “The whitewater destination of the Massif Central”
  • Respirando Station Emblavez : Ecotourism, the art of natural living
  • Respirando StationAuzon community : expert in outdoor sports!

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