Taking a greenway means leaving with peace of mind for those who wish to travel as a family, in complete safety. No cars, as they are reserved for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. Former Auvergne railway lines, they have been refurbished, some even with a coated surface like the Via Fluvia on certain sections. On foot, by bike, in a wheelchair, on rollerblades, on a scooter…. the alternatives are many. And then you can even get out of your bag, sausages and cheeses because beautiful picnic areas line these greenways. And for roaming enthusiasts, greenways and cycle routes are connected.

The Via Fluvia, a 360° greenway

The route is a link of 80 km between 2 rivers of France, the Loire and the Rhône. From the village of Lavoûte-sur-Loire to the village of Lavoûte sur Rhône, it is a real cordon of life that winds through the middle of mountains and volcanoes, opening up at every moment towards breathtaking panoramas.

Our 3 Favorites on the Via Fluvia

Greenways veloroutes Auvergne Haute-Loire train


Once upon a time there was a train

The steam train takes travelers at the slow pace of the trains of yesteryear. You can load the bikes in a special car and enjoy boarding the highest steam train in France! From St Agrève you can connect to another greenway: the Dolce Via.

Historic Railway – Tourist Train Velay Express

Greenways veloroutes Auvergne Haute-Loire, viaduct


A weekend on the via Fluvia, turnkey

From Yssingeaux, in 2 days, we make a round trip on the coated part of the Via Fluvia, which makes it possible to bring apprentice cyclists and the youngest in the trailer.

The agency L'AUTRE Chemin is on the small onions to accompany us...


A walk like no other to discover the gems of the Haute-Loire

cyclodebout bike in Haute-Loire


Electric cars, trendy!

Electric mountain bike, scooter, and if we tested this new electric UFO: the cyclodebout! Halfway between the Segway and the scooter, this invention won the gold medal at the Lépine competition. And for the anecdote, the prototype was created in Haute-Loire in Queyrières! Cock-a-doodle Doo !

Rental of bikes, stand-up bikes and VAE at Le Neyrial

The Via-Allier, the Auvergne cycle route

The V70, a must-know cycle route in France! A recent route of 435 km, fully signposted, from Nevers to Langogne. Its great richness: go up the Allier river to the Cévennes mountains while interfering in the Gorges de l'Allier de Brioude in the New World.

Our favorites on the Via Allier

The Basilica of Brioude

She has everything a great. 3 stars in the Michelin guide, a must!

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Organs of Chilhac

A village perched above the Allier on volcanic organs.

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Chapeauroux Viaduct

An exceptional work of art, viaduct is the most impressive of the Cévenol line.

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Laura's tip

You can easily connect from the greenway to the superb spot of the Beaume Waterfall. And so we avoid overloaded car parks and it's good for the carbon footprint!

Puy-en-Velay greenway

The V73 takes the old railway line between Puy-en-Velay and Langogne. A course of about 35 km which follows, from Brives-Charensac, a series of tunnels, all lit, and spans the Gagne viaduct before the village of Solignac-sur-Loire. A gentle climb, about 2%, to the village of Brignon, accessible to the whole family.

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