Because every day is different, and our form also varies, so we adapt our hikes according to our desires. One day, at the water's edge, another around Puy-en-Velay or not far from Mont Mézenc and then why not the 2-hour Sunday walk to do with the family. And that's good, there are 365 days in the year!

All hikes in the Haute-Loire

From walking to long-distance hiking, more than 380 circuits with precise descriptions, maps and practical information can be downloaded free of charge from theapplication mobile Hiking in Haute-Loire.

Top circuits departing from our villages

Le pont du diable en Haute-Loire, Auvergne


The Devil's Bridge

PR 666 – departing from Saint-André-de-Chalencon

A circuit to discover the famous legend that hovers over this XNUMXth century bridge which spans the Ance, located at the foot of the medieval castle of Chalencon.

  • Duration 1h30
  • Elevation: 186 m
  • Distance: 5.50 km

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L'observatoire du Betz sous une nuit étoilée en Haute-Loire, Auvergne


The trail of stars

A footpath that leads to the Betz observatory, the best spot for discovering the stars that light up the sky of Haute-Loire.

  • Duration: 2 hour
  • Elevation: 185 m
  • Distance: 7,5 km

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Une famille court sur un chemin de randonnée près de Saint-Front en Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Saint-Front Lake

PR061 – A route that leads to Lac de Saint Front, the highest lake in Haute-Loire, at an altitude of 1 m and of volcanic origin.

  • Duration: 4 hour
  • Elevation: 344 m
  • Distance: 14,4 km

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Une famille gravit le Pic du Lizieu en Haute-Loire, Auvergne


The Plateau Circuit

PR 039 – from Chambon-sur-Lignon

A hike that offers the most beautiful views of the sucs, the Pic du Lizieux and Mont Mézenc.

  • Duration: 4h15
  • Elevation: 389 m
  • Distance: 16.6 km

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Respirando, a quality label for Short Hikes


  • itineraries exclusively using the public domain,
  • paths with less than 30% paved surface,
  • uniform signage at the start of each PR,
  • signposting and secure and regularly maintained paths…

How to make our children walk

A family looks at the map of an easy hike in Haute-Loire, Auvergne

Difficult to make our pitchounes work? We have the solution! Low-altitude hikes for a maximum duration of 2 hours. The interpretation trails will satisfy the “Why” and the “How” of our budding curious. They'll play Sherlock Holmes as they investigate orienteering routes with pinch clips and compasses. Caresses and tickles guaranteed when the animal becomes their hiking companion, astride a donkey or towed by the adorable Husky dogs.

Fun hikes with animals or in search of treasures

43 PR to go in the 43, here's a great idea. The must for marked PR, concentrated in a topo easy to slip into your hiking bag and which make you want to tie your shoes.

Topo guide PR of the Haute-Loire on foot, in Auvergne

A problem encountered on a circuit?

Do not hesitate to inform us of a problem on a route: a lack of beaconing, an inaccessible path, an incident encountered along the way… By reporting it, volunteers and professionals will be able to improve the quality of our paths.

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