It's as if the Haute-Loire had been designed for nature running: an atypical relief which sees a succession of volcanoes with heterogeneous shapes, wild valleys, aerial plateaus. The drailles or singles that criss-cross the landscapes of this southern Auvergne are just waiting for passionate runners.
The Haute-Loire is a life-size terrain for training in different areas with a variety of routes: from the easiest to the most technical.
More of a weekend run or a seasoned trail runner? There is something for all tastes and all levels.

Run in the most beautiful massifs of Auvergne

Massifs of Mézenc, Meygal, Lignon or Gorges de la Loire, trail runners can seek out high points and height differences with the reward of superb panoramas.

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Trail Saint Jacques by UMTB®

The Trail Saint Jacques by UMTB® is now an essential race in the calendar of trail races in France. The ultra from Saugues goes up over 125 km in the opposite direction of the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela to Puy-en-Velay.
And for each trail space, a trail race!

A problem encountered on a trail circuit?

A lack of beaconing, an inaccessible path, an incident encountered along the way… By reporting it, volunteers and professionals can improve the quality of our paths.

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