About 1 km of marked trails for walking in a natural, wild and preserved environment, in the most beautiful massifs of Auvergne. Horseback riding is another way to travel with a taste of adventure and a feeling of freedom through our landscapes and rivers.

At a walk, trot or gallop… the Haute-Loire on horseback

On horseback, by pony or in a carriage, you can walk the paths of Haute-Loire whether for a lesson in an equestrian center or a day trip, or even a horseback ride over several days.
Groups of adults or teenagers, the professionals know how to adapt to all levels. They will take you on the equestrian routes traced in Haute-Loire: Caracolade (in the process of being marked out) and Velay Vert setting.

Equestrian accommodation

A selection of accommodation to accommodate riders.

A Respirando equestrian accommodation is:

  • an equipped space or several tie bars for horses. In the meadow, in the box or in the stall, a drinking trough will be made available for the horses or the donkeys.
  • straw or hay made available (on prior request, the service can be remunerated).

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Lachamp Racecourse

This racecourse is the highest altitude racecourse in Europe and sees 3 race meetings each year, scheduled from late June to August.

Horse riding stays

With the stays offered by our pros, you're sure to find something that suits you!

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