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The Haute-Loire is an essential fishing spot in France. Its fish population is by far the largest in the whole of the Massif Central.
In almost all of the 3 km of Haute-Loire rivers, trout, a demanding fish, can be born, live and reproduce naturally, without outside help.
This quality is explained by the position of "head of the basin" of the Haute-Loire: many rivers have their source in this department of Auvergne.

5 reasons to fish in Haute-Loire

fishing trout carp pike river pond Haute-Loire, Auvergne


To enjoy a remarkable fish and fishing heritage

3 km classified in 300st category - Name of a fario!

fisherman sunset river pond Haute-Loire, Auvergne


To meddle in the bed of wild rivers

The Haut-Allier, the Loire for the best known but also more secret rivers such as the Lignon, the Semène, the Dunière...

fishing trout carp pike river pond Haute-Loire, Auvergne


To catch iconic fish

Fario trout, grayling and cristivomers.

Paddling in the Allier, where the salmon go up


In the lands of the salmon king

To fish on the lands of the salmon king who returns each year to spawn in the gorges of the Allier.

Arlempof the most beautiful heritage villages Haute-Loire, Auvergne


To revel in the nuggets and secrets of the Haute-Loire

After having teased the trout, why not go fishing for our treasures: trudge on the juices, visit our stone cities like Puy-en Velay, or stroll through the maze of our villages.

Fishing in lakes and ponds

Lake fishing is an opportunity to take a deep breath of fresh air around the most beautiful lakes in Auvergne such as Lac du Bouchet, perched at more than 1 meters in a volcano crater. High-altitude lakes such as Lac de St Front, the highest lake in Haute-Loire or Lac de Malaguet, set in a fir forest, a spot known for fly fishing and the Lavalette dam renowned for its predators that you can approach with the boat. And also a myriad of bodies of water, no less than 200 ponds waiting for the lines to wriggle in their waters.

Fishing courses

Trout buffs but not only? Want to know more about other fish, fishing techniques, fly fishing, casting or baiting techniques...the most keen of you will find what they are looking for with the professional guides. By the day or in courses, the fishing guide instructors allow you to improve your skills in this practice while enjoying a wild and rejuvenating nature.

Accommodation adapted to your passion

A Respirando “fishing” accommodation is:

  • proximity to a river or lake.
  • a provision of information related to the practice, as well as a list of fishing guides, and retailers of equipment and bait nearby.
  • obtaining a fishing license upon arrival.
  • access to a water point, and a refrigerator allowing the conservation of catches.
  • adapted meal times or breakfasts (on request).


Fishing for information

To fish in Haute-Loire (as everywhere in France), you must have the famous fishing license. For holidaymakers, a day pass and a holiday pass are available from the department's dealers.

Haute-Loire is also part of the interdepartmental halieutic club, i.e. 37 departments. And for your stays, we have a multitude ofRespirando accommodation, which offer services related to the practice of fishing: proximity to rivers, water point, fishpond, fridge to store catches and bait, etc.

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