If the young chain of Puys du Massif Central, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is made up of 80 volcanoes, it is more than 300 of their cousins ​​that provide the Haute-Loire with this atypical relief. And they astonish us by their very diversified forms: volcanic cones with craters of Mont Bar, lava domes of Meygal and Mézenc, lava flows and explosion craters of the Massif du Mézenc, chimneys of the Puy-en-Velay basin, juices of Emblavez it.

Which volcanoes to visit in Haute-Loire?

No less than 300 volcanoes in Haute-Loire. To help the volcanologist in you, we have listed a classification worthy of the greatest geography lessons.

The selection of the most emblematic volcanoes

volcanoes auvergne Haute-Loire crater


Cratered volcanoes

Particularity: The lava was projected and it fell. This is what formed the crater, these are the youngest volcanoes!

Mount Bar et Breysse juice…

volcanoes auvergne Haute-Loire crater


Explosions Volcanoes

Magma rose to the surface and encountered spring water. This explosive collision formed a very large crater where there are lakes and peat bogs today.

Bouchet lake, narces of Chaudeyrolles...

volcanoes Auvergne Haute-Loire dyke


Volcanoes under lakes

Originality: These volcanoes were born under ancient lakes. Today with erosion and the disappearance of water, only hard rock remains, often a volcanic chimney.

Rock Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe et Polignac

Auvergne Haute-Loire volcanoes juices


Dome Volcanoes

Singularity: They are volcanoes without a crater. Pasty lava has accumulated inside a volcano forming a dome.

The Lizieux

lava flow high loire auvergne


Lava flows

External sign: From different types of volcanoes, lava flows have filled the valleys.

Bourianne scree

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