In winter, the white immensities of the Mézenc take on the appearance of Croc-Blanc with this activity. We discover the complicity and the energy of the sled dogs who are impatient to go on an excursion. Husky, Greenlandic, Malamute or Samoyed, we learn to harness and harness them. Then we guide the pack in the middle of the undergrowth and vast snowy spaces under the advice of a professional musher.

Driving a sled dog team in Haute-Loire

From the age of 6, children can do their baptism by boarding the musher's sled. And to drive your sled on your own like a grown-up, you will need to be at least 10 years old.
It's like a childhood dream come true. You become a musher for a day for a few hours or several days in autonomy on the gentle reliefs of the plateaus of Haute-Loire, in the south of Auvergne.

Baptism or driving?

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A brief overview to help you choose

  • Baptism
    Very first time! You have never slipped on spatulas, you are not too sure, so we first go through the baptism box in the musher's sled or portage.
  • Hitch driving
    In good physical condition, trapper at heart, then Zou! You will lead a pack of 2 to 4 dogs for a 2-hour ride through the white landscapes that surround the Mézenc.

The forest musher of St-Front

mezenc ski resort, meygal in Haute-Loire, les-estables dog sledding, marzoe

He's big, he's strong and his smile is as soft as the hair of his 50 Nordic dogs combined! We present to you Enguerran, professional musher in Saint-Front, a few kilometers from the village resort of Les Estables. With him, we take care of the dogs, we climb into a sled and we even learn to drive it. Enguerran takes you on the paths of the undergrowth of Chaudeyrac which surround the lake of Saint-Front.

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No snow, too bad, I cani-rando!

And if despite all our incantations, the snow is not there, then there are also plenty of off-snow activities to drive a team of dogs: cani-kart, cani-scooter, cani-rando.

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