Les Sources de la Loire à Cheval


Guided horseback riding on the Loire trails
We invite you to discover the Loire gorges at a gallop to fully live your passion on horseback. A unique experience to live.
The programme

1 Day:
Arrival on the farm (from 16 p.m.) in Saint-Paulien and installation in the rooms. Presentation of the horses. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

2 Day:
After breakfast, we will meet our companions who will gently take us along the hiking trails. Below, in a loop of the Loire on its steep rock, appears the castle of Lavoûte-Polignac (XNUMXth century). Here begins the “Emblavez” with its small villages and its “Galoche”. It's time for the picnic. On the paths in the afternoon, listen to the old stones, they tell a little about the history of the country. Our evening host welcomes us at the gates of the Meygal forest. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

3 Day:
We will pass the Testavoyre at 1436 m (former volcano) before descending slowly to Boussoulet where a small church with a surprising interior is hidden. The picnic is not far away, the “Turtle” is getting closer. The climb to Bigorre with its thatched cottages is far from relaxing, but what a view! With a little luck, crossing the Aubepin valley, we will see the snake eagle before reaching Saint-Clément. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

4 Day:
Early departure to cross the Mont Mézenc (1753 m) by the Cross of Peccata (splendor of Mother Nature). La Croix de Boutières gives us access to its circus with its exceptional panorama (watch the marmots!). The fresh water from the “Montouse” will make you appreciate the picnic (and the pastis!). The Mont Gerbier des Joncs appears, unique! Here was born, a very long time ago, a very beautiful, very wild and well-known lady: the Loire. The descent to our evening hotel is tough, but the refreshing water of the lake brings horses and riders back up. A swim in the lake will bring relaxation. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

5 Day:
We take small paths all along the young Loire. After crossing many small valleys, he is there, forgotten by men but still standing; the Romans built it a long time ago; his only companions are a few birds of prey who taunt him, shouting above him: this very romantic bridge gives us access to the other side. Picnic on the banks of the Loire. The castle of Arlempdes clinging to the side of the rock, watches over the gorges of the river. We feel a soul of Knights. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

6 Day:
Sporty start on a small path which served as a towpath along the Loire. We will ford it to the “Maison du Pendu” before climbing to the Brignon on the Plateau du Velay (renowned for its green lentils and the Vellavia… what is it?). The waterfall did not move. Picnic at his foot. A few beautiful gallops by way of digestion bring us closer to our stage! Dinner, night in your accommodation.

7 Day:
The edge of the forest brings us as much freshness as the heat plateau. At a glance, you can see the entire route taken. Everyone sees each other a few days back with their memories, their anecdotes… Picnic in the woods. With a seasoned eye, we see Mont-Bar which keeps Drosera and a very old legend in its heart. They say that…, but it's too early, the rest soon! A last small gallop, and St Paulien appears. Dinner, night and breakfast in your accommodation.

8 Day:
Depart for your region in the morning.

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6 days / 7 nights
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