The Haute-Loire is a land rich in a multitude of know-how. In small workshops or large companies, craftsmen are everywhere! They work with stone, earth, wood, metal, glass, leather or fabric... to create unique and authentic objects. Their environments inspire them, their hands and machines do the rest. Together, they make the identity of the department of Haute-Loire and its business card.

As much know-how as the Altiligérien companies and craftsmen are eager to show by opening the doors of their workshops to visitors.

The label Living Heritage Company (EPV) rewards the unique and historic know-how of French companies. In Haute-Loire, we are proud of our businesses and we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of 8 of them. Welcome to Haute-Loire, in the heart of Living Heritage Companies for a journey as authentic as it is memorable. 

Know-how of excellence Liogier Allary

Exceptional quilted fabrics from D'Ennery Confection

Luxury textile ornaments from Oriol & Fontanel in Montfaucon-en-Velay

Textile creation from generation to generation at Maison Bonnefoy

La Ciergerie du Sud-Est, know-how at the service of the Church

Fontanille Scop: French manufacturer of lace, elastic ribbon & silicone coating

The Atelier du Chat Botté, a storyteller and storyteller in Le Puy-en-Velay

The secrets of Verbena du Velay, emblem of Puy-en-Velay since 1859

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