from multiple influences (Byzantine, Romanesque, Moorish, Southern, etc.), the monuments of the Haute-Loire are unmissable in the department and bear witness to its rich architectural heritage. These buildings, built over time, have adapted their configurations to the various terrains that hosted them and have gone through centuries of turbulent history.

The top monuments to visit in Haute-Loire

21 private castles of Haute-Loire open their doors

Thanks to the Historic home et The Historic Route of the Auvergne Castles, two major associations of owners of historical monuments, an unprecedented tourist offer has just been born: the Historic Homes Passport. A hundred private castles in Auvergne, including 19 in Haute-Loire thus open their doors to the general public as part of guided and commented tours. Download the app Wivisits to know more.

3 Stars in the Michelin Guide

The famous Michelin green guide, keen on heritage, scours the territory in search of nuggets 3 stars. The nominees are:

Witnesses of the past for a trip
in history

Whether at the top of a Volcanic dyke at Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe chapel, in the old town of Le Puy in the heart of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Le Puy which seems suspended above the void, at the top of the keep of the Fortress of Polignac, in the beautiful Brioude basilica or on the tour of theAbbey of La Chaise-Dieu… In Haute-Loire, we travel from treasure to treasure throughout history, through a built heritage that transports us between spirituality and traditions.

The favorite monument of the French

After a fine 4th place in the final in 2014 (ahead of Mont-Saint-Michel!), the rock and its Saint-Michel d'Aiguilhe chapel was once again in the selection of Stéphane Bern's program "The favorite monument of the French" on France 2 in 2022. He finished once again in 4th place.

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