The Haute-Loire is dotted with wild gorges, intimate beaches and lakes where the blue sparkles. Summer rhymes with a day at the water's edge with a choice of: canoeing on the Loire or the Allier, the pleasures of sailing at Lac de Lavalette, dipping and lazing on the supervised beaches of the lakes and rivers and torrents of laughter in water parks.

All waterfront activities

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Venture by canoe in the Forgotten Gorges

Like an Indian in the Loire Sauvage or like Robinson in the Allier gorges. These still wild gorges are a paradise for those looking for canoeing along the water for a day or a weekend.

Canoeing – Kayaking in the Allier and Loire gorges

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Hoisting the sail at Lac de Lavalette

Between windsurfing, catamaran, dinghy and optimist, Lac de Lavalette is the temple of sailing. Something to enjoy and transform your children into little sailors.

Sailing on a mountain lake

rivers, beaches water games swimming body of water, Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Swim, play and frolic in the water safely

And if you can put your towel on the edge of the river, not far from the lifeguard, well, here we are reassured to bring the whole family to the edge of the water.

Bathing in rivers or bodies of water

slide pool, Haute-Loire-Auvergne


Jeux d'eau

Giant slides to slalom in 2 or 3 bends which will throw you into the water, then cool off in the water jets and at the same time splash Uncle André... the aqua-fun areas promise a good slice of fun.

Aquatic Leisure Parks and Swimming Pools

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