Cycling addicts in all their forms, the relief of southern Auvergne lends itself perfectly to cycling and allows you to discover the magnificent landscapes of Haute-Loire. Whether you are looking for a moment of relaxation, connection with nature or even a sporting course, there is always an itinerary adapted to your desires.

MTB addict, Auvergne awaits you!

The advantage in Haute-Loire is that you can go mountain biking in all its forms, with terrain that is as physical as it is technical, with roots, rocks, there is a bit of everything! (…) During my outings, I favor the elevation gain, the slopes and I like to stop for 2 minutes to savor the viewpoints.'

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The Great Crossing of the Haute-Loire – GTHL

With its 620 km, the GTHL joins the club of 14 major routes in France conducive to escape and the discovery of wild landscapes.

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Mountain biking, great Haute-Loire crossing, Auvergne gthl


Mountain biking areas in Haute-Loire

The Haute-Loire is 10 mountain bike areas recognized by the French Cycling Federation. It is a mosaic of landscapes that flirt with the wild rivers of the Loire and the Allier. It is also to feel the vertigo horizontally on our most beautiful massifs: Mézenc, Meygal, Margeride...

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Saddle up, Marcel!
The roads await us

And for those who swear by the little queen, to warm up thighs and calves, to pedal like a dancer, 22 bike tours await pass hunters, some of which have been crossed by Tour de France cyclists, such as the Peyra Taillade pass or the Aurec-sur-Loire wall. And for those who love cycling, they will have the joy of exploring longer routes.

Top 4 cycle routes in Haute-Loire

Roaming, panniers or bikepacking

Roaming over several days, are you tempted?

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Bike and cheese, the gourmet combo

Itineraries refined and served on a cheese platter, which combine the pleasure of the legs and the taste buds to meet our producers.

Treasures of the Allier Gorges
Crossing the Haute-Loire by mountain bike – Eastern section

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The eye of the pro

Our pros are experts to accompany you in the field, give you advice for the choice of your equipment.

Accompanied mountain biking and cycling tours
Rental of bicycles and electric bicycles

We even have accommodation and hosts who go out of their way to welcome you and your bike, the team that never leaves you: bike shelter, repair kit, adapted breakfasts… a multitude of services.

Bike reception

Rail and kids bike

Vélorail electric assistance Allegre, Haute-Loire, family, departure

Want to embark all the kids, grandpa, grandma, uncle Paul in the same activity, want to pedal but without getting too tired?

Then the bike-rail promises a nice family photo.

A problem encountered on a circuit?

A lack of beaconing, an inaccessible path, an incident encountered along the way… By reporting it, volunteers and professionals can improve the quality of our paths.

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