Aiming straight, the whole art of golf. Difficult ? Not adapted ? Nay. You quickly take pleasure in challenging yourself at Pitch and Putt in Bas-en-Basset or Putting Golf in Tence: two approach games unique in France. And why not an introduction to the 18-hole golf course at Chambon-sur-Lignon with a view of the Mézenc?

The common DNA of these 3 practices?
It is to allow everyone, young and old, to practice golf on a variety of greens.
Le pitch and putt is played on a shorter game format in distance and time. Tence Golf putting is a compromise between the simplicity and ease of mini-golf and the feeling and spirit of high-level golf. The course on natural grass (twice 2 holes) extends in a magnificent setting of 9 hectares, in the heart of the Crouzilhac forest.

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