Green lentils from Puy, Artisous de Haute-Loire, cured meats, milk and cereal industries, cheese making and even preserved mushrooms... In Haute-Loire there is something for everyone! Discover the farms that open their doors to share their passion, their manufacturing method and why not even a little tasting? 

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The workshops of La Bruyère

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Meadowsweet Farm

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The Mill of the Rocks

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Turtle Ostriches

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Geb Nout Diffusion

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The Cheyne Confectioner


The Coq à l'Âne Farm

Field of Marmots

The Country Farm

GAEC The abbey bees


Raspberry Red House

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GAEC Salers and Bol d'Air

From 5 €  / adult

The Table of Vailhac

From 18 €  / adult
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