Guillaume Chazot from Bel'Ô bends over backwards for his clients.
From hosting top athletes to brunches for the general public, at Bel'Ô everyone is catered for!

“Hospitality is an exciting profession, because it is a profession of encounters. You have to love people, love to please them. That's our job: the pleasure of pleasing. These are the values ​​he instills in his young recruits, like Manon, who recently joined the team at the Bel Horizon hotel. And the least we can say is that the young student in Bachelor Tourism at Le Puy-en-Velay is in good school...
Because in 27 years at the house Guillaume Chazot has been able to build an establishment in his image: warm, altruistic and multi-hatted. A success that does not fall from the sky, however. Guillaume Chazot is a demanding man. With others, but especially with himself.

“No matter the request, I always say yes. Then I manage to find the best solutions to answer them. When we succeed, personally, I find it great!” Constantly surpassing oneself to satisfy the needs and desires of visitors is the watchword of Guillaume Chazot and his team. And for good reason…

The Bel'Ô, a paradise for high-level athletes for nearly 25 years

Since 1998, the Bel Horizon has specialized in a very special welcome: that of top athletes. "Myself a former footballer, I've always had this project of hosting great athletes here, in the back of my mind..." From now on, everyone knows the right address.

The XV of France team in 2011 to prepare for the World Cup in New Zealand (where they were finalists ahead of the famous All Blacks!), that of Portugal in 2007, ASM, ASSE, teams from Leagues 1 and 2 for their summer camp or even the French women's volleyball team and our famous Romain Bardet, in anticipation of the Tour de France... All have chosen Le Chambon-sur-Lignon to recharge their batteries, train and make time for sharing.

Why ? Because they are looking for the exceptional setting offered by Le Chambon. A cocoon perched at an altitude of 1000 m, rich in unspoiled nature, pure and invigorating air. But also, the very complete equipment of the Bel'Ô: a swimming pool, a perfectly equipped gym, a spa, and professionals at their disposal. Sports coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers, masseurs… the list is long. And if one is missing, Guillaume Chazot will do everything possible to find it. "It's the little details that make the difference..."

A championship pool!

Especially since “high-level athletes are often complicated files. “But who cares:” that's what excites me the most. There is always a solution to be found, even if it is necessary to fight to obtain it”. A desire for perfection that has made the Bel Horizon a must-see establishment in the region. A national notoriety, which also earned him the opportunity to welcome last year, the actors of the mini-series Mon Ange, shot between Tence and Le Chambon-sur-Lignon with the poster, among others, Marilou Berry , Muriel Robin and Patrick Chesnais…

A hotel-restaurant, open to all, without distinction

But the great asset of the Bel Horizon is that it's not all about rhinestones and glitter. Sometimes it's "normal" people, like you and me, who walk through his door. This does not prevent Guillaume Chazot from rolling out the red carpet! “With me, the human being is at the center of everything. I like to please people whatever the reason for their presence. Even those who have been offered, for example, a box for a wedding or a birthday are welcome and will be treated exactly the same way as the others, or even better! »

Liberty, equality, fraternity. Like the French motto, Guillaume Chazot ultimately makes these three words his philosophy of the hotel industry. Because it has a rich historical past, lush nature, a wide variety of nature activities, hiking, quad biking, mountain biking, horse riding, tennis, adventure trails, paintball, fishing, etc. and cultural highlights) in all genre, Le Chambon-sur-Lignon does not only attract athletes and celebrities.

Sunday brunches, an innovative concept that appeals to the general public

Anxious to satisfy as many people as possible, Guillaume Chazot thought up 4 years ago, with the help of his chef Benoît Chervy, a unique, trendy and innovative concept: Sunday brunches, all you can eat and by reservation. Often ordered for the day after weddings or major events, they are “the fruit of long-term work, of great reflection. »

Like an artist with his colors, Guillaume Chazot and Benoît Chervy have therefore juggled with flavors, putting local products in the spotlight in order to create a sweet and savory buffet synonymous with conviviality, exchange, sharing and indulgence. Meet every Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 15 p.m.

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