Lovers of wide open spaces, water and nature? In Haute-Loire, many sites, often completely natural, offer places for supervised swimming with high quality water.

Equipped beaches, pedal boat hire, picnic area and playground, sometimes even a small refreshment bar for an ice cream or snack break: everything is done to spend leisure time with your little family and in complete peace of mind.
For those who love to hear the murmur of the river, the Allier and the Loire plunge us into the heart of nature that is still intact. Intimate beaches, a rich and natural setting to savor rare moments and even rest in the shade of the trees in hot weather.
These lakes and rivers are also an opportunity to practice sailing, white water sports or fishing.

"1 body of water, 1 hike, a restaurant" the right plan for a day at the water's edge

For each supervised swimming spot, we have found an easy hike and a nice restaurant nearby.

baignade rivieres lac, chambon Haute-Loire-Auvergne



  • PR 623 – Leaping dog
  • The Blue Cedars restaurant
  • Breathing area of ​​Aurec-sur-Loire
Plan d'eau de Champagnac, station Respirando d'Auzon en Haute-Loire


Champagnac le Vieux

  • PR 162 – The planted stone
  • The Chassignolles Inn
  • Labeled Blue Flag, the lake of Champagnac-le-vieux
rivières, plages jeux eaux baignade plan eau, Haute-Loire, Auvergne



  • PR 217 – Streams
  • The Chanteuges inn
  • Prades beach
plages jeux eaux baignade plan eau, Haute-Loire, Auvergne



  • PR 525 – Our Lady of Montjuvin
  • The Lavalette terrace restaurant
  • Lavalette Lake
baignade rivieres lac chambon, Haute-Loire-Auvergne



  • PR 039 – The stage circuit
  • The restaurant the table of 2 L
  • Chambon beach
Piscine biologique de Saugues en Haute-Loire, Auvergne



  • PR 086 – The 3 towers
  • The terrace restaurant
  • The body of water
baignade rivieres enfants brioude bageasse, Haute-Loire, Auvergne


Old Brioude

  • PR 026 – Dragon rock
  • The Hydropathes restaurant
  • Bageasse beach

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