Between Lapte and Saint-Jeures there are 220 hectares of water. A mountain lake nestled in a green setting labeled “Aire Respirando” (the quality label for outdoor activities in Haute-Loire). A haven of leisure and nature where each small cove offers new landscapes and each patch of water, a new playground: catamaran, pedal boat, windsurfing, stand-up paddle, kayak, and even a wing foil and a windfoil… Welcome to Lac de Lavalette !

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire

At Lac de Lavalette, we play with water and wind. And that, Éric Bonhomme, manager of the Lavalette Leisure Center understood it well. From spring to fall, it therefore offers many nautical activities, from the most classic to the most original... Something to spend pleasant moments with family or friends.

Rowing or pedal boats

The pedal boat, to pedal along the water. Almost a moment of idleness where you just have to reach out your hand to cool off between two pedal strokes. Something to seduce lovers of quiet and accessible walks.

Practical: 8 4-seater pedal boats + 6 2-seater pedal boats are available for hire on site.

The stand-up paddle to slide on the water alone or even with others, since the nautical base also offers rental two giant stand-ups can accommodate 10 people each. What a great idea for groups of friends or large families!

Practical: 20 solo stand-up paddleboards + 2 giant ones are available for hire.

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire
Valletta lake in Haute-Loire
Valletta lake in Haute-Loire
Haute Loire

Canoeing to stretch your arms while enjoying the cool waters of the dam lake. What could be more practical than a handy boat to explore the many secret coves of this Alitligerian jewel?

Practical: 4 3-person kayaks, 5 2-person kayaks and 20 solo kayaks are available for hire.

rowing for those who are more comfortable on the waves, but from behind! This is its originality: rowing seated, back to the direction of movement. A millennial means of transport that is also known for its speed! It is the fastest water sport without a sail or motor! Ready for a little burst of speed?

Practical: 3 2-seater oars and 3 solo oars are available for hire.  

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire

The Dragon Boat to develop team spirit! With 10 places per boat, you have to cooperate to move forward. Drummer, coxswain and paddler… to each their own role in moving forward. Technique, endurance and synchronization will do the rest with a few laughs (or arguments) to boot!

Practical: 2 dragon-boats with 10 child seats each are available for hire.

Play with the wind, like freshwater sailors

Windsurfing or windsurfing, to be closer to the waves and the wind. Lightness, speed and escape… On windy days, it's hard to resist the call of this vast blue expanse. Between peaceful or sporty freeride, all you have to do is let yourself be carried away...

Practical: around ten boards are available for hire or for private lessons for beginners..

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire

The catamaran to hoist the mainsail! This easy-to-access two-hull boat is synonymous with speed, excitement, performance but also pleasure… Enough to make very fun outings on the lake.

Practical: 4 catamarans are available for rental or private lessons with Éric Bonhomme, holder of a sailing certificate.

the optimist, for budding skippers! Small, easy to rig and launch, it is ideal for beginners with children. A simplicity that takes nothing away from learning maneuvers. An unbeatable little sailboat for both learning and having fun on the water.

Practical: a dozen optimists are available for hire or for private lessons. The Lavalette leisure center also has 4 olders who are also dinghies but for teenagers.

Flying over water, a feeling of freedom

Called e-foil or electric foil, this is the novelty of Lac de Lavalette. A sport that can be scary at first glance, but which is nevertheless very accessible according to Éric Bonhomme, who offers initiations on the site. With this foil-mounted electric surfboard “We discover new sensations! It's rare to have a strong and very regular wind around here... With the e-foil, you get away from the wind and the waves and you just have the feeling of flying “, describes the monitor.

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire

And what a pleasure to navigate in the most complete silence. Whether you are a gliding enthusiast or a beginner in the field, you are bound to find what you are looking for on an electric foil of which you are the only master on board. My dear friends I fly! I don't slip anymore... I fly!

Practical: 1 electric foil is available for rent for 100 euros per hour and initiation.

And for the more cautious in terms of thrills, there is always the possibility of taking a dip, quite simply... Lifeguard Master keep an eye out all summer. You can even treat yourself to an ice cream Lavalette terraces ! Aperitif boards, homemade ice cream, cold drinks, pancakes or à la carte catering... there is something for all gourmet breaks.

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire
Haute Loire

Relaunch a sailing club to bring life to Lake Lavalette

Bringing the lake to life or bringing it back to life, energizing it with new disciplines and new sensations... This is the key word of Éric Bonhomme, whose main objective is to recreate the sailing club of Lavalette, but above all to perpetuate it. “It would be a plus for tourists, but also for schoolchildren and lovers of board sports and navigation in the broad sense, local or not. 

Lac de Lavalette is a site with a unique charm, with trees, mountains all around and a fine sandy beach.

Valletta lake in Haute-Loire
Valletta lake in Haute-Loire

« Join a sailing club, it's like joining a tennis club,” says Éric. It is in return the possibility free access to the body of water with its own equipment, or to have the boats of the sailing base available of Lavalette. Reason for which it would be judicious to expand the supervising team. “But new instructors don't roam the streets… The ideal would be to find a motivated young person and train him internally so that he can, in the long term, lend a hand to us. “A good hearing…

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