Just look at a map of Auvergne to realize that the Allier is a real backbone throughout Auvergne. Taking its source at Moure de la Gardille in Lozère, it then flows into the Loire, near Nevers. In Haute-Loire, the river stretches for several kilometers between Le Nouveau-Monde and Brioude.

Hike along the Allier

A wild river, the Allier can be explored in multiple ways: on foot along the GR 470, by canoe like Robinson Crusoe or by bike along the Via Allier.

The tourist train as close as possible to the Allier

Where no road goes, the Cévénol railway line makes its way through tunnels and bridges. The railway line built in the XNUMXth century can also be used in the summer with the tourist train from Langeac. An extraordinary trip to Langogne, where you can enjoy views of the Allier that you could not see otherwise.

The Salmon King

The Atlantic salmon, king of fish, has chosen its kingdom in the Gorges de l'Allier to reproduce. From Greenland, the salmon travel between 5 and 000 km depending on the currents to come and reproduce in the Allier... A real odyssey!

As much to tell you that he is the grand master of these places. On each bridge crossing the Allier, from Langeac to Brioude, we take our leave with this sign “Allier, salmon river”. Protected species, the National Conservatory of Wild Salmon established in Chanteuges the pampered to ensure its reproduction and its safeguard.

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