Do you know that the first castles of the Loire are in Haute-Loire? Following the watercourse from its source, imposing silhouettes stand out at the bends of the meanders of this longest river in France. The last wild river in Europe. Castles, like sentinels which are witnesses of history and which open their doors to visitors every summer. We were lucky enough to be able to discover them from the ground and from the sky…

The first castles of the Loire

The first castles of the Loire:

Chateau de la Loire, Haute-Loire

Passport to Historic Residences

Most of these castles are part of the collective of private castles which open their doors every summer to visitors across the Passport to Historic Residences. There are around a hundred in Auvergne and 19 in Haute-Loire taking part in the game to the delight of history and heritage lovers.

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