They each have their own atmosphere, their shops, their bars and restaurants... Follow us on a journey from place to place in the heart of the Ponote city.

Place des Tables to admire the cathedral

It is at the end of the day that the famous cathedral Our Lady of Puy-en-Velay reveals its most beautiful colors. The perfect time to enjoy it by enjoying a pancake or an ice cream not far from the 14th century fountain erected in the center of the square: it is called the fountain of the Tables ou Angel's Fountain.

Some addresses on rue des Tables:

The legend of the Angel's Fountain

An altar boy is said to have been murdered by a Jew in 1320, angered by hearing him sing the birth of Christ, then buried secretly. But the child rose again on Palm Sunday, joining the procession. He denounced his assassin, at the bottom of Rue des Tables, and had him stoned. A fountain was then raised in memory in this place in the XNUMXthe century. A round fountain with a large basin in the middle of which stood a vase with a large body surmounted by a Gothic pillar with pinnacles and fleurons. At its summit, one could observe the sculpted image of the chorister. The monument was destroyed in 1837. The Gothic pillar was preserved and reused in the restoration of the previous work.

The Covered Market Square to share tapas

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With Halles Ponotes , the Covered Market Square is one of the warmest in Puy-en-Velay! Ideal for having a drink or sharing a tasting board with local and authentic flavors. A place that calls for conviviality and sharing between friends or colleagues.

Some addresses of the Place du Marché Couvert:

Place Cadelade for a romantic dinner

Overlooked by the famous dome of the iconic Verbena from Velay , Place Cadadelade reflects an atmosphere romantic. This is where the parquet floor of the music festival is located every June 21 after all... You have to believe that Place Cadelade is made for sharing between two people. So why not treat yourself to a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants that surround the square?

Some addresses on Place Cadelade:

Place du Clauzel for a drink at sunset

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Very close to the Town Hall and the Tourist Office, the Place du Clauzel is by far the most central in Puy-en-Velay. Located at the bottom of the old town, it is the ideal meeting point for ponots for an afterwork on the terrace.

Place du Plot to stroll through the Saturday morning market

Le Puy-en-Velay. Concert at Place du Plot.

On Place du Plot, what a pleasure to stroll between the stalls of the weekly market ! Olives, bread, fruit, vegetables, sweets and local cheeses… with its numerous customers, its colorful facades and its summer scents, Le Puy-en-Velay has, on sunny days, a feel of Provence. You could almost hear the cicadas singing.

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