The Haute-Loire, a land conducive to micro-adventures!
Micro-adventures are expeditions that are out of the ordinary while having the advantage of requiring little time, resources and preparation. It's good for the carbon footprint, good for the budget and good for morale. And it turns out that the Haute-Loire has a lot to offer in this regard… If the possibilities are endless, here are 10 little adventures to do with friends or family.

In the footsteps of the beaver and the otter

Once on the verge of extinction, the European beaver is returning to colonize the wild waterways of Haute-Loire. Some areas have been recognized as “haven of peace for otters”.

Sensitive to pollution, these funny animals like to bask in the rivers of Haute-Loire. It's true that here, we pamper them. But you should know that it is an exchange of good practices: the otter limits the proliferation of American crayfish and the beaver cleans up the banks. Proof of their presence: pointed trees, palm prints and claw marks... but perhaps we will also have the chance to see specimens in their natural environment during our expedition? on foot with Charlie in the Gorges du Lignon or canoeing with Jérôme in the Gorges de la Loire.

Listen to the roar of the deer in the Gorges de l'Allier

Spyglass and binoculars in hand, we enter the twilight at the edge of the forest. Then the ball begins. The mighty cries resound.
They invade the valley as if to remind us that we are on his land. And then he appears, majestic and imperturbable.
Our guide takes us to discover this species with great reinforcements of storytelling games and antlers collected on the way. In October in the valley of the Cronce and Arlet observatory in the Gorges de l'Allier, less than an hour and a half from Clermont-Ferrand.

Take care of a donkey on a hike, like Stevenson, between Auvergne and Occitanie

This gentle animal (and more docile than you think) brings a little something unique to a hike. For children, it's an opportunity to build a real relationship with the person who will carry them and their bundles. They learn to watch over him, to understand his needs. A great travel companion for a simple balade or an hiking of several days. There is a choice of donkey keepers in Haute-Loire, surely because it is the start of the famous Stevenson path (GR70)

Take an old railway line between Loire and Rhône

But how far does this cord that winds between this succession of volcanic juices go? In bike, en Rollerball or scooter, you imagine yourself on board an old train on this greenway dotted with panoramic viewpoints, viaducts and old stations. The slope is gentle and the route is safe: it's ideal for a stress-free day. But wouldn't this be an opportunity to introduce the whole family to the joys of traveling by embarking for several days on the Through Fluvia.

On the greenway in Verne.

Reach a bivouac by canoe in the Gorges de l'Allier

The idea is to follow Hervé in the almost unexplored part of the Gorges of the Allier, between Chapeauroux and Alleyras. Alone in the world for two days, no possibility of using your phone… You only take your sleeping bag on board for total disconnection from everyday life. Nature is all around, just for us, just to make our laughter ring out around the campfire on our idyllic little stretch of beach.

A journey that also offers tonic adventure, in the Gorges de l'Allier, between Pradel and Langeac.


A journey by train and mountain bike from La Chaise-Dieu to Ambert

From La Chaise-Dieu, the circuit creeps over 35 km through the beech and fir forests so dear to the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park. Arrived at Ambert, we enter an extraordinary railway parenthesis possible thanks to enthusiasts of the trains of yesteryear: railcars from the 60s, panoramic roof, walker allowing travel in the open air. Each has its own charm for contemplating the relief crossed on the outward journey.

Explore the Gorges de l'Allier on a vintage moped from Lavoûte-Chilhac

Manu, he is a fan of old mobs. For him, it's freedom, frank fun. They are reminiscent of the youth of some… He has retyped a whole bunch of them. Any pretext is good for riding them: going to a farmers' market, reaching the perched villages or going up the river to embark on a canoe.

Cross the Mézenc-Meygal massifs on ski touring

"There, between 1 and 200 m altitude, the daring ones who venture into the region find a wild country where we have never seen a traffic jam".
These are the words of the journalist Michael Fonovich who tested the adventure of the snowy plateaus in Nordic skiing. 120 to 160 km from Queyrières or Estables to Croix de Bauzon (Ardèche).

Run on the crests of volcanoes and climb the gorges, between Loire and Allier

It's as if the Haute-Loire had been designed for trail running and nature running: there, we go on a path to explore deep gorges, here, we climb between the drailles to reach the summit of a volcano rocky which will offer us a panorama that only the brave deserve. Southern Auvergne is waiting for you!
750 km marked and 5 trail spaces.

For the more adventurous, the Great Crossing of the Massif Central by mountain bike.

the Great Crossing of the Massif Central

On a mountain bike over 5 days

Long awaited by mountain bikers, the Great Crossing of the Massif Central came (back) out of the ground! 1 km between the Morvan and the Mediterranean to choose a side road. One of the passages that makes this adventure unique: the wild lands of Gévaudan. And that's good because a 400-day variant has been drawn from Langeac. We begin by marveling at the viewpoints offered by the Gorges de l'Allier, then we reach the wide open spaces of the granite plateaus of Margeride. The essential break?

The Domaine du Sauvage: an emblematic site on the way to Compostela managed by a collective of around thirty farmers. Ten years ago, they dreamed up a farm-inn that puts the simplicity of the welcome and the often forgotten tastes back in their place. Successful bet !


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