We have concocted a cultural day for you in the small town of Aurec-sur-Loire. It is known for its “Aire Respirando” label and its leisure center which is constantly evolving, but it is also a high place of culture and heritage! Between its historic town centre, its castles, its street-art festival, its many contemporary frescoes and its open-air photo exhibitions, Aurec-sur-Loire is ideal for strolling and learning. Here are our 4 good reasons to come and take a cultural bath in Aurec-sur-Loire!

1 - For its seigneurial castle and its new digital experience “La Vie de Château”

Le seigniorial castle of Aurec-sur-Loire 1000 years old (XIe, XIIe and XVe centuries) is given a second life this season by mixing History and digital experience. With the keys to the castle in hand, the adventure can begin! From room to room, we unlock the secrets of the castle with the help of the former inhabitants of the house, who for the occasion come back to life. Dauphine of Saint-Bonnet (XIIIe), Bellonde de Langeac (XIVe), Françoise de Nérestang (XNUMXthe) and Marie-Louise Genestet (guillotined during the Revolution) take us back in time, plunging visitors back into their “Castle Life”.

Seigniorial castle and new digital experience "La Vie de Château" in Aurec-sur-Loire, Auvergne

Games and puzzles on tablets, quizzes, fitting of period costumes, immersive film on the life of the inhabitants of the castle... either about 1 hour a playful and innovative show that is likely to make children love history. Anyway, we loved it!

The Micro-Folies, a national system visible in Aurec-sur-Loire within the castle grounds

In addition to its digital visit, two other rooms in the building accommodate Micro-Madness and a digital device connected and linked to the largest national museums. On large immersive screens and tablets or in virtual reality headsets, discover works from the Louvre, the Quai Branly, the Palace of Versailles, attend a concert or a ballet at the Paris Opera, or even the eruption of Vesuvius as if you were there! Prefer to swim with dolphins? It is possible too! Thanks to Micro-Madness it is a new artistic and cultural world that opens up to you.

2 - For his artistic journey between street-art frescoes, contemporary frescoes and photographic exhibition

In the absence of ears, the walls of Aurec-sur-Loire have colors! Of street-art, passing the photo and the medieval themed murals by A.Fresco, the town of Aurec-sur-Loire tells its story. The story begins on the outer walls of the seigniorial castle, with a photo exhibition by a local artist. For 3 years, Daniel Vincent makes us want to travel, through its landscapes of Haute-Loire bathed in light.

The artistic stroll continues in the old Aurec, where random streets, frescoes reveal themselves when you least expect it... Before our amazed eyes, scenes of daily life in the Middle Ages sometimes several meters high: Damsons and Ladies, builders and washerwomen, knights, lunatics and other musicians...offer onlookers an artistic, poetic and playful walk like you won't find anywhere else.

We then take the great Himalayan footbridge over the Loire. Direction the new districts of Aurec, on the other bank. This time, it blows like a wind of modernity! Because for 4 years, street art is coming to town! Big names in graff The walls of the old dyeing district are thus shared, on the banks of the Loire, which has become the headquarters of the eponymous festival...

Street Art in Aurec-sur-Loire in Haute-Loire, Auvergne
Graff signed Dégé

Le 8-step mural tour is available in paper format at the Aurec-sur-Loire Tourist Office.

3 - For its La Teinturerie Festival, which each fall showcases graffiti, urban culture and street entertainment

Every year, during last weekend of September, graffiti artists from all over France come to town to add color. welcome to Dyeing Festival ! Festivities that each year give pride of place to urban culture, attracting artists and renowned street performance companies. For two days, Dégé, Aero, or even Doudou Style… deploy their talent and their bombs of color to the delight of the public.

4 - For its photo trail on biodiversity that leads to the famous Saut-du-Chien footbridge on the PR 623

Photo trail on biodiversity in Aurec-sur-Loire, Auvergne

How about an instructive walk in the middle of nature? This is what the photo trail on biodiversity which leads to the Saut-du-Chien footbridge. The opportunity to take a breath of fresh air and discover, at the same time, all the local fauna of the banks of the Loire through a series of striking animal portraits… A great way to mix nature and culture.

Saut-du-Chien footbridge in Aurec-sur-Loire, Auvergne

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