A native of Puy-en-Velay, Karim Smadi grew up in Cussac-sur-Loire. Driven by a passion for sport from an early age (running, football, etc.), he has flourished in trail running since the first confinement in 2020. A nature activity that has made him discover his department more than ever. , Haute-Loire. And a passion that he shares on social networks through ever crazier sporting challenges and ever more beautiful humanitarian causes. Meeting with a reckless sportsman with a big heart.

"When I started out, you could say that running made me discover the Haute-Loire. But today, it's her who makes me run…” So what finer ambassador of outdoor sports than a young man, in love with the land where he was born? He says it, “Haute-Loire is an infinite playground”. Both in its diversity and in its landscapes. "Always different elevations, towns each with their own specificities, panoramic views and forest paths, single tracks and wide hiking trails... I'm never bored in Haute-Loire!" We never fall into monotony. »

His favorite trail circuits?

Those he has repeatedly walked around Saint-Julien-Chapteuil, at the gates of the Meygal massif. Discover their tracks !

The Haute-Loire, "a gold mine for lovers of outdoor sports"

The Haute-Loire, a gold mine for trail enthusiasts in Auvergne
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What motivates him is this link with the nature that surrounds him. This feeling of being alone in the world, facing himself and the adversity of this wild land. The Haute-Loire, he was born there. He knows her. However, “I always discover more new landscapes, new corners, new villages. I always see things that I have never seen before”. His other leitmotif? THE transcendence. What do you want ? We do not redo a sportsman! "This is what pushes me to always go further" and to take up new challenges.

Like last December 18, when he exceeded 100 km for the first time in a loop between Puy-en-Velay and the summit of Mézenc. The Mézenc massif, “a gold mine for lovers of outdoor sports! And what a great way for Karim to celebrate his 30th birthday! A challenge he was realizing for the first time, only for himself, without thinking of others...

The Mézenc massif, "a gold mine for outdoor sports enthusiasts!" »

Sports challenges to help others: in 2023, he is fighting fibromyalgia

Because for Karim Smadi, sporting challenges generally never go without a good dose of altruism. President of the KaSmadtrips association For the past 5 years, he has been helping those who need it the most every year through a sporting journey and various events. “With the association, we have decided to support a cause little known to the general public each year. After EndoFrance (fight against endometriosis), Cerhom (fight against male cancers), Théodora (hospitalized children), François-Aupetit (fight against Crohn's disease), KaSmadtrips is launching in 2023 in the fight against fibromyalgia supporting the Fibromyalgia SOS association.

Trail in Haute-Loire with Karim Smadi

The upcoming sporting events of the KaSmadTrips association

To support the fight against fibromyalgia, Karim Smadi is therefore organizing new sporting events in 2023! The first will take place this Saturday June 17 in Cussac-sur-Loire (Malpas), his native village: “There will only be one left”, the only Backyard race in Haute-Loire. The goal? Validated his 7 km race in less than 1 hour to be able to start again on the next departure. In the program, 4 races to choose from so that everyone finds their account:

  • “There will only be one left” (the Backyard of 7 and 111 km)
  • The Mini-Backyard (from 1 to 5 laps)
  • L'Unique (7 km run with 160 D+ walking or running)
  • La Bambino (1 km for children, but on the same departure as adults)

Then go to November for 2e major event of the year: the KaSmad Trips festivaland an short film festival which gives pride of place to "outdoor" sports on the beautiful playgrounds that are the Haute-Loire and more broadly Auvergne.

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