In winter as in summer, the Haute-Loire is a hiking country. Hilly, the landscapes lend themselves to it. So when the snow is pointing the tip of its nose on the Mézenc plateau, it's time, for the walkers that we are, to put on not shoes, but snowshoes! Follow the guide ! His name is Oliver.

Head for Les Estables, on the roof of the Haute-Loire, with our guide for the day, Olivier, to trudge along the slopes of Mont Mézenc and Mont Chaulet, snowshoes on, to conquer their summits. And who said we couldn't enjoy it for fun?

The gentle snowy slopes then become real playgrounds for families, where it is good to slide flat on your stomach or on your buttocks. How about jumping over the bumps? A snowball fight, do you like it? The goal is to introduce children to snowshoes, while having fun, with games, slides and visits to igloos on the program!

Want to test this fun ride on the heights of the department? Get closer to theMézenc tourist office or Hiking Nature Guide.

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