Did you know ? It is possible to learn snowkiting with a world champion on the slopes of Mézenc or Chaulet, not far from the village of Estables. A sporting discipline that consists of being pulled by a giant kite, with skis or snowboard on your feet. An entire program !

We tested snowkiting on the slopes of Mont Mézenc with a world champion

Do you remember the day when it was -15°C?
Well, it was on that day that we had an appointment with Didier Botta, snowkiting world champion. For the past few years, he has been back every winter on his native land, to revive the club of the “winter version of kitesurfing”: Mézenc kite, and to share his passion.

So neither one nor two, we wanted to try. And you know what ? Even with this freezing temperature, it was awesome! Great for warming up and no need to be a hothead. It is a sport accessible to the greatest number. Especially since Didier knows how to adapt.

He teaches us to tame the wind, to analyze the weather conditions and once the kite sail has been tamed, all that remains is to slide… But the hard part is done. The best go so far as to take off, of course, to do great tricks in the air… We're not there yet. We still lack training… But it is by forging that we become a blacksmith… When will there be a new lesson?

Initiations are possible during the winter, from December until the end of March/beginning of April. If there is snow, great! But to learn to steer the sail, snow cover is not even mandatory! So don't hesitate to call to book your lesson! Didier Botta will be able to inform you.

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