The weather is fine, the air is warm, but luckily, it's out of the question to force yourself on the electric-assisted Vélorail ofblithe ! The electric indeed guides us effortlessly over approximately 12 km of round trip, to discover an old railway line, all in the heart of a preserved and varied nature. A fun activity to do with family or friends. All ages are allowed!

A 1h30 ride on an electric Vélorail between Allègre and Malaguet in Auvergne

A new activity, accessible to as many people as possible

It's Monday, it's 15:30 p.m. and the 15 electric Vélorails are in Allègre station in single file, ready to depart. On board, the families are complete! The excitement of the youngest is palpable. Everyone can't wait for it to start! Dads, moms, teenagers, young children, and even toddlers, sometimes accompanied by their grandparents...

What's good about the Allègre electric Vélorail, “is that everyone can do it! '

And to pedal, you just have to reach the pedals, around 7-8 years old. Otherwise, there are always seats at the back of the Vélorail, where comfortably seated, passengers just have to enjoy the trip… In all, 5 seats are available on each car. 2 at the front, they are the ones who pedal! And 3 in the back who just have to let themselves be towed while yawning at the crows. Good to know: for children under 3 years old, it is possible to install a secure car seat on the Vélorail.

An unusual walk in the heart of unspoiled nature

“Part of the line climbs a bit on the way out, but the electric assistance makes it feel flat everywhere! “, describes Nicolas Sarry. The change of scenery is there. With, icing on the cake, an arrival at an altitude of almost 1.060 m in the undergrowth, near the Malaguet Lake and its regional nature reserve with unspoiled nature. A most refreshing experience on those hot summer days.
Once in Malaguet, it's the terminus! Everyone gets down and directs their Vélorail on the reversal platform to start in reverse. Now the hard part is done. All that's left is the descent… Aubin's favorite moment, who was not shy about his pleasure at the finish: “I loved the descent! exclaimed the young boy, visibly fond of speed.

“With the electric assistance, it's true that it's great! It's pleasant, easy, family… And the landscapes are pretty! '

5 departures per day, book your trip!

Every day, 5 departures are possible: 9 a.m. (in the cool), 11 a.m. (before eating), 13 p.m. (for a digestive stroll), 30 p.m. (before the children's snack) and now 15 p.m. 30, a new schedule, for those who are more evening. And good news, it continues in September, "at least on weekends" with ideally 17 to 30 departures per day! To be continued…
Only condition, take less than 2 hours for the Vélorails to be back in the station before the next departure. But generally, "people take about an hour and a half," says Océane, one of the 1 seasonal workers trained to work on the site.

Allègre, Small city of character with multiple riches

The famous gallows of Allègre

After your Vélorail trip, why not visit Allègre, which is none other than a small town of character? A former feudal city from the XNUMXth century, Allègre is built around the remains of an old castle. Of the imposing building remains today only the famous gallows of Allègre which rises in front of an old volcano: Mount Bar.

For the most curious, guided tours of the medieval village and its architectural riches are possible. Find out more at the Tourist Office. And it's free!

And for gourmets and lovers of the terroir, know that throughout the year, Wednesday is also a market day!

The Vélorail has a big brother: the Haut Forez tourist train from La Chaise-Dieu

Between La Chaise-Dieu and Ambert, the railway is taken by a completely different car: a tourist train, which crosses the Gorges de la Dore between the mountains of Livradois and Forez. A crossing of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park and its wonders. That is 1 hour 20 minutes to discover La Chaise-Dieu as well, since the train goes around the city, but also Arlanc and Ambert.

On arrival, travelers even benefit from a 2 or 3 hour break to visit Ambert and shop at the Thursday market.

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